Best Thai Egg Rolls (4) $6
A mixture of vegetables, wrapped with egg roll skin and deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce.

Best Thai Salad Rolls (4) $6
A vegetarian delight, sliced veggies wrapped in soft rice paper &
served with peanut sauce
Add Chicken $7
Add Shrimp $9

Chicken Satay (4) $8
Marinated chicken in a mixture of thai spices served

with peanut sauce.

Chicken Dumping (6) $7
Minced chicken in a touch of ginger juice and scallion, nicely stuffed in white flour hand-rolled wrapper. Served with sweet spicy soy sauce (your choices of steam or fried).

Fried Wonton (6) $7
A mixture of ground chicken, garlic, pepper and deep fried, served With sweet and sour sauce.

Crab Rangoon (6) $7
Six piece of crispy delicious tulip shaped partries stuffed with
Cream cheese & crab meat. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Coconut Shrimp (5) $9
Coconut battered shrimp, deep fried golden. Served

with plum sauce.

Shrimp Rolls (5) $9
Fried golden shrimp marinated with herbs and green onions in egg roll wrap.

Shrimp Tempura (5) $9
Lightly battered shrimp and deep fried. Served with sweet and sour sauce.

Chicken Wings (6) $7
Battered marinated wings, deep fried. Served with your choices of sweet & sour sauce/ or ranch dressing

Fried Tofu (8) $6
Battered tofu and deep fried. Served with sweet & sour sauce top
with crush peanut.

Corn Patties(4) $7
Fried corn patties.

Edamame $3
Steamed green soybean in the pod, lightly seasoned with salt.

Fried Calamari $9

Fried calamari rings, battered and served with sweet sauce.